Amanda Fucking Palmer’s blog
Angry Asian Man
Ask a Korean!
Beautiful amazing adorable Gala Darling!
Dan Savage’s bits from The Stranger
Diaspora will be a privacy aware, user-controlled social network interface that will save me from Facebook
Dr. Sketchy is cool!
Eat Your Kimchi: two incredibly appealing Canadian teachers in Korea
FreakAngels is an excellent free comic by Warren Ellis
Gene Luen Yang wrote one of my very favorite books ever, American Born Chinese
I ❤ Felicia Day!
I had such a crush on Wil Wheaton in the 90’s…
I hope that I can some day think out my positions as well and be as articulate as Jay Smooth
Joan of Dark is this kick-ass Roller Derby girl with a coffee shop.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an amazing actor and he will show you beautiful things.
LIfehacker redefines useful, and is interesting where it isn’t useful
Neil Gaiman has this awesome dog…
Neil Gaiman regularly hogs the Awesome
Smitten Kitchen is the best food blog I know of
XKCD makes me laugh as often I cry, and as often as I marvel