My life is in the middle of a lot of transition right now. I’m used to the sort of physical/locational things by now. The change which takes up a lot of my thought, though, is that I am learning how to be feminine, and how to dress well and look good. I didn’t from childhood through around 20-22 because I was a tomboy “on principle”. What this actually meant, I am sorry to say, is that I looked around me and thought that a girl couldn’t manage to be both smart and pretty. I didn’t see anyone who was clearly both exceptionally intelligent and beautiful, and I definitely knew, being a bookworm, that I wanted to be in the smart camp. I thought a *lot* of stupid things when I was younger, like that all punk music was stupid and sounded the same (until I was 15), that justice meant one thing in all places and times.

So now I have figured out not only that I can do both, but also that my love for playing dress-up hasn’t actually faded at all. And I look good in pink. There was a time when I would have-did-refused to wear pink, again on some not-at-all-thought-out “principle”. I don’t really know how that worked, now. I think I meant that wearing pink would have allowed others to make certain assumptions regarding my abilities and such, but you know what? First of all and less importantly, my enormous breasts do that anyway. And second, I’m not in charge of other people’s assumptions. They’ll make them, or they won’t, and nothing I do can affect that, not really.

But even so, this whole thing is new and it fits strangely. Some of the seams rub, and it’s a bit loose here and there. So by way of making it more comfortable and to reassure myself that I haven’t been losing my mind/fooling myself, I will spend the next several posts discussing the book I am currently reading*. It’s called The Religious Case Against Belief and it is most excellent. I read it once before, a year or so ago, and this time I shall read it carefully and take notes. It’s the kind of book with the kind of information that needs to be spread around among the populace.

*That is, one of the books I’m reading. And if anyone wants me to also talk about The Hindus, An Alternative History or The Idiot, I’ll gladly do so.