I’ve re-enabled comments on here on all posts in future, including this one. Here are the rules:

1. As the man said, “Don’t be a dick!”
Being a dick means, among other things/to me, being homophobic, being racist, or otherwise not allowing for the possibility that you might be wrong. Basically feel free to argue a point, but don’t use absolutes and don’t argue so in such a way as to undermine others.

3. Blogs are not really public forums; they are house parties. This is why people can be blocked or invited. So, this is my online home. Please respect it as such.

4. When I moved away from my best friend at the age of 5, my parents got us one of those split heart best friends necklaces to share. I kept my half until this year when I finally threw it away. If I got rid of that, do not imagine that I will hesitate to delete nasty, undermining, or otherwise inappropriate comments.

I sincerely doubt that anyone will violate any of these rules, but I’ve found that laying out clear boundaries avoids conflict in the first place. The best advice I’ve ever seen about posting comments you’re not sure about is to take an hour and then return. Then, imagine that the comment is to your favorite teacher. Do you still want to post it?