Prof. Terry Shank of Marshall University has put on a video and slept another couple times.  I have learned one new thing so far:  commensalism is the term for the type of symbiosis that neither helps nor harms the host.

Today was very difficult.  He had thrown his back out and stood for the whole class anyway, and had a confrontation with one of the African-American students who sits at the front.  He’s so uneven in his treatment of people.  For instance, as I’ve mentioned the only students that he makes noises at, the kinds of noises you use to get your dog to leave something alone, are the African-American students, and the only African-American students he yells at for doing anything he doesn’t like are the ones at the very front of the room–these are also the only students besides me who’ve said a thing or asked a question all session.

It’s really hard to take, and yet it’s crystal clear that this is one of those “college” classes that are actually high school classes–and a horrible high school, at that.  One cannot point out these things in a respectful manner and hope to receive anything like a considered, sane response.  I have a friend who tried.  He said she was being too sensitive.

The only thing to do is survive the next two days, graduate, and move the hell to another continent.