Some interesting and edifying bits for today:

The Buddhist Literary Heritage Project website has gone live. It seeks to preserve and translate all the Buddhist scriptures it can, which if you don’t know, is really a lot. You know how if you went to the Louvre and spent one second in front of every work, it would take you something like 60 years to see everything? Reading all the Buddhist scriptures would take many, many lifetimes.

Rev. Danny Fisher posted today about a group seeking to help homeless meditation practitioners, and asks you to donate a cushion, or reach them with help on getting donations from companies, etc.

The US military has apparently decided that truth is a threat to national security–no surprise there, and I’m sure in cases of deep cover operatives and suchlike, that’s fair. In cases of covering up war crimes, not so much. My thoughts and deepest sympathy with the victims families.

A coal mine explosion in West Virginia is the worst mine disaster in decades. Just to be clear for the outsiders shaking their heads as to why anyone would work in a mine: the school here are wretched. There are no jobs other than mining in many of these counties, and this situation is enforced by outside forces who basically have their hands on the testicles and ovaries of our elected representatives. Please don’t be confused that anyone is choosing anything.