When you’ve missed a thing for a very long time, and then it comes back, it can surprise you by being totally new and unexpected. This is the context for a thing I wrote today out of frustration, in an attempt to move my brain to a better place. Enjoy, and please take it for the slightly funny, light-hearted thing it is. And with my deepest respect to Frank Herbert.

Focus. Menstrual pain is the mindkiller; I will conquer my aching back. The cramping and paranoia will pass over me and through me; only I will remain. Like a storm in the desert, a solid object made up of billions upon billions of distractions, my crabbiness and tiredness will pass me into a clear blue sky, a calm and still that belies the fury and anguish just past, a meditative fixedness that denies such scattered ways could ever exist.

From my times of frustrated irrationality will come a time of reason and thought like a cool breeze. Out of the inability to speak will come eloquence. After this paranoia of leakage will come trust in my methods.

And each time the storm passes me, it will pass me. Each time I am embroiled in outbursts and aches and the pure nagging pain, also will I be changing and it ending.