Today Chris and I took a small, late afternoon adventure out to Discovery Park, which is called Lawton Park on Google Maps. Funny story about Lawton Park: it’s named for Henry Ware Lawton. He’s (a) the guy who caught Geronimo. Discovery Park is I guess kind of inside Lawton Park which is named for Fort Lawton. Inside Discovery Park is Daybreak Star Cultural Center, a Native American center. Back in 1970 several Native Americans succeeded in invading and occupying the land there, and eventually it seems that the city gave it to them for the center. Crazy old world, this is.

Here are a few pictures from our walk.

If you look very carefully in the above picture…Chris and I were walking, and I heard something, and then I saw it. I stopped Chris and whispered look. And just there, in the brush…an Ewok!