Warning: This post is very picture-heavy.

We spent last night asleep in a rest stop. Around seven in the morning we set out in search of breakfast. Monkey and I really dig food, and I for one get stupid and cranky if I don’t eat first thing.

The breakfast we found was the very best breakfast I’ve ever had. It was at a little diner in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, and it tasted like every single item came from within 50 miles of the place.

Also, the town featured this:

So, tidbits of our day today, because I am exhausted. First of all, Monkey says hey.

We love Nebraska! It’s gorgeous and the people we met were everso friendly. It was flat but sometimes rolling hills, and the lakes reflected the sky like whoa.

But back to Missouri: St. Louis looked way cool, and Ozarkland was like being back in West Virginia with one important improvement.

It was at about this point in western Nebraska/nearly Wyoming that we all went, “Oh my god, we’re in the West! It looks just like in pictures!”

Also, antelopes or pronghorns or something–and let me add right now that not knowing what plants and animals are has been freaking me right out.

You know what, this is really long. I’ll do the rest in a different post.