In eleven days we will begin our journey to the Northwest. Husband is working online, arranging money in neat little rows and working on his portfolio. I am examining every single thing we own and deciding whether to keep it, store it, who to give it too. Monkeypuppet is sitting on a shelf helping Aslan guard a cursed d20. This is better than last week, when he spent years learning kung fu and pissed off his master, so that now he’s not allowed to mention dude’s name. That was annoying, but that’s Monkeypuppet for you.

Today I got rid of a bookcase, a Foreman grill, two cookie cooling racks, a pitcher, many coat hangers, and a homemade hula hoop. In getting rid of so much stuff I have learned that if I can see something, my impulse is to act on it in some way. Objects require action. This is another good reason to give away possessions.

For something completely different, I am currently watching the strangest Rutger Hauer movie, Blood of Heroes, about a post-apocalyptic game played with a dog skull.